Wanna stay healthy in the future? Buy a Toyota!

Until now, commuting by car might not be the healthiest thing ever and we secretly enjoy this escape from our ever-watching health-apps and Fitbits.  If you’d like to keep it this way however, you might want to skip the Toyota dealership next time you’re in for some car-shopping.

Toyota filed a patent a few weeks ago for a system that will also act as your personal fitness coach. As a conscious driver, you can set various health goals in an app on your phone and these goals will be communicated with the infotainment system in your car.

The system then will suggest options to keep you healthy. For example, the car can find you a parking spot a little further away from your destination by altering the destination a little, so you’ll have to do the rest on foot. Ideally it would limit the speed of the car as well, so you’ll have to run for your appointment for some extra finess-points.

If you already finished your morning jog however, the system will take notice of the finished activity and will just guide you to the actual destination.

At first this all might sound a little like excessive control, but it’s just a small (and natural) next step to keep us aware of our body.  And don’t worry, it’s just a patent filing for now.

Screenshot via Toyota’s patent filing

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