VW introduces mobility services company called Moia

Volkswagen has been plagued by the dieselgate scandal for over a year now and now it’s trying to switch topics by rolling out a new brand called Moia. Volkswagen announced the Moia brand today at the TechCrunch Disrupt in London.

Moia wants to become ‘one of the world’s top mobility providers’. Moia states it doesn’t want to become another car-sharing company like Car2Go from Daimler for example. They are aiming to use a more holistic approach to the complete mobility spectrum.

Moia will start off with a small team in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany and they’re planning to introduce their services in two European cities in 2017. We’ll keep you updated on any news on this part. We’re also interested in how Moia will stack up against BMW ReachNow we discussed last week.

Volkswagen wants to use Moia to gain new insights in new mobility solutions. Ownership isn’t the necessarily the main pillar in making Moia successful. Instead, it will be introducing new mobility concepts around the globe and they can make a lot of people some kind of a Moia customer by offering usable mobility services.

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