Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodiaq is the first full-size SUV of Skoda. With the Kodiaq, Just as Skoda did with the Superb, they are giving you a lot of car for the money. The design is clearly VAG, but still recognizable as a Skoda; clean and modest.

The Kodiaq is available with four different infotainment systems. The simpel Swing, the Bolero has with an 8-inch screen, the Amundsen system with special off-road info, or the top of-the-line Columbus system.

The name suggests novelty and Skoda has tried to include some interesting features to the system. Because of the size of the car for example, it could very well be that rear seated passengers can’t hear the driver talking in a hands-free phone call very well. Therefore, the speech of the driver will be amplified to the rear speakers as well.

Skoda also included a mode with offroad information. This will probably only be used while showing off your car to friends and family, but it’s a nice touch.

The Columbus system can also act as a WiFi hotspot and can download fuel prices, traffic info, news and weather forecasts without having to connect your smartphone. You can connect your phone of course, and you can use either Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or the old-fashioned MirrorLink.

Unfortunately the UI design of the Connect system itself is outdated. Buttons with glow effects and gradients might have been nice a few years ago, but we’re long past that. You can do better Skoda!

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