Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar is entering the EV market with a production version of this I-Pace concept at around 2018. But for now, we’ll have to do it with the concept itself. It looks quite fantastic to be honest, but many Jaguar purists might not like this move one bit. Isn’t a Jag supposed to be a classy sedan with a big V8? But the company is doing better than ever, so let’s trust their judgements for now.

The UX/UI design in the interior has gotten some proper attention from the designers. In line with the current UX/UI design trends in cars, we can find various screens that are meant for different purposes spread around the instrument panel of the car.

The instrument cluster is showing all the basic car information for the driver. The main touchscreen in the middle is the primary infotainment system and is comprised of a high-quality display, which -as the designers state- create an intuitive ‘home from home’ experience. Although it looks nice, I’m not exactly sure what they mean with that.

The lower touchscreen is used for information- and climate settings, so the primary screen real estate can still be used for navigation functions and the like.

It’s good to see that they’re opting for a cleaner design language than is often the case with these systems.

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