Hello world! Welcome to Automotive-UX.com

Welcome to Automotive-UX.com!

Your source for Automotive UX/UI Design expertise.

You’ve reached the very first post on Automotive-UX.com.

Technological- and demographical changes ask for -and open windows to- improved user experiences in and around our automobiles. With the up rise of attention for this field, Automotive-ux.com wants to be  your go-to place for expertise on in-car interfaces and interactions.

We’ll inform you on the latest autmotive UX/UI design trends, news, insights, concept cars and jobs. Also, we’ll include tutorials and best practices on automotive specific UX/UI design.

Automotive-UX.com is founded by Martijn Zwart out of passion for this field. Feel free to contact us with tips, feedback or if you want to become a guest-author on this site.


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