Ford Fiesta | Sync3

Ford introduced the all new Fiesta 2017 today and with that, Ford updated their Sync3 infotainment system. Although the Sync3 system was already fast and quite easy to use, the design was still a bit behind.

With the updated version, Ford made the design of the system cleaner.

The system features an 8 inch display and from now on, uses B&0 speakers for the audio-department. Also the design is refined and easier on the eyes. The distracting gradients and shadows are gone, and Ford opted for a full contrast blue and white with large and crisp buttons.

New for the 2017 system is the Android Auto and Apple Carplay support which will make the car a lot more attractive for the target group. It’s a good move to support both of them, as the decision to spend a lot of your cash on a car shouldn’t be dependant on a 500 Euro phone. The app-link feature is still there to mirror supported apps from your phone onto the 8 inch screen of the system.

The system is running on Blackberry’s QNX and the hardware is still based on a Texaxt Instruments OMAP 5 dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM.

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