Car2Go with a Beemer: BMW ReachNow

BMW ReachNow is the new car sharing service of BMW and BMW eagerly jumps on the sharing-economy train one more time, but with more force and wisdom from the lessons learned with the DriveNow service that was killed in the US a year ago.

The ReachNow service is available in Seatle, Portland and Brooklyn in the US. You can either rent a 3 series sedan, the all-electric i3 or a MINI to get around town. If you’re a BMW owner yourself, you can also rent out your own car while it’s not being used and get some return on your investment.

A great advantage is the possibility to pick a car on point A and return it to point B. Also you can pay by the minute or catch a ride similar to Uber and make your preferences clear in the app (can you passive aggressively check ‘do not disturb’ after you find out that the driver is an annoying prick?

You can arrange everything you need by using the RechNow app, from making a reservation to unlocking the car. The design of the application is clean and pretty easy to use, but the map is hard to read and contrast can be improved.  Also it’s hard to pan around the map, as it keeps snapping to your current location.

The app itself is still pretty buggy (at least on Android) and it is clear it is still very much in development. However, the service is still scarcely out of the egg and let’s give them some time to fix the little annoying bugs here and there.

So for now, you’ll have to be a bit more patient to be able to drive around town in a nice Beemer than a Smart from Car2Go.


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