Android Auto updated with ‘Ok Google’ support?

Android Auto has been on the market for almost 2 years now, but Google finally seems to implement the much needed ‘Ok Google’ command to activate the system.

The ones using an Android device probably now you can give commands to your Android device by saying ‘Ok Google’. Android Auto was designed to optimise your Android-experience in your car resulting in a better overall driving experience. The lack of voice commands therefore seemed like a major miss, but a change in the Google app shows a possible change to this. The ‘Ok Google’ detection screen shows a new option for ‘while driving’, which might suggest the implementation of the feature in Android Auto.

Google already demoed the implementation of the ‘Ok Google’ activation at the Google I/O six months (!) ago, but the system has a slow development cycle which could be the result of the strict regulations surrounding car infotainment systems.

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