Alexa, how about a nice Italian tonight?

Voice integration in our cars has always been more of a gimmick than a functionality.

Last week I drove a 2012 Fiesta with voice integration for example. To turn up the heat, you can say ‘climate’ -wait a few seconds-  than ‘temperature’ – wait a few seconds- and ‘twenty-one degrees’. Half of the time this results in calling your niece whom you haven’t spoken to in about three years.

Luckly, Siri, Cortana and Google Now on our phones achieve much better voice recognition results and Amazon is doing its share with its intelligent voice powered virtual assistant Alexa that we know from the Echo devices with which you can control your smart home.

Now, Amazon is bringing Alexa to ours cars.

Ford understood their own shortcomings and starting this summer, it will be possible to order Amazon products through Alexa in your Fiesta and control your vehicle. Alexa in your car can be synched with the Echo device in your home. When making yourself ready for the daily commute, you can instruct Alexa to warm-up your car before you leave, check fuels levels, unlock the car and ask for traffic information for example.

Various other manufacturers like BMW and VW will also jump on the Alexa train and probably many more will follow.

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